Chinese Ambassador: We are Strategical Allies with Turkey in the Silk Road

Chinese Ambassador in Turkey Yu Hongang has commented on the Silk Road project, saying: “We are strategical allies with Turkey in this.”

Hongyang has claimed that Turkey and China must cooperate in a number of issues, starting with the Silk Road. In a conference organized in Atılım University in Turkish capital Ankara, Hongyang pointed out the importance of this cooperation, and stated: “Turkish authorities look at this project with great enthusiasm. We contacted with so many people about it. We have reached to an agreement to cooperate in strategy and in field.”
He went on to comment that the project called “One Generation, One Road”, saying that: The world needs more cooperation. We can generate an international web witht his project. It will help the world to reach a more multpolar system. The countries in the project will establish a more open system.”
Hongyang also commented on the recent intervention of Saudi Arabia o Yemen. “China’s attitude is quite clear. The territorial integrity of Yemen should be respected. Parties should solve the problems with politics.”

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