Opposed to Chinese One Belt One Road: India

India on Thursday said that it is opposed to Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative since the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passes through the Indian territory. “We are all for promoting connectivity… but on the OBOR, our position is that since the so-called CPEC forms a part of OBOR, and it passes through Indian territory, that is where our difficulty lies,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesman Gopal Baglay said. He was non-committal on India’s presence at a conference on OBOR, which China is hosting in May.


The spokesman said that India was awaiting details of the Chinese suggestion a day after China, as current BRICS chair, indicated “widening” of the five-nation grouping during its summit later this year. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s had on Wednesday said that the grouping will build a platform for south-south cooperation, exploring a BRICS-plus model by holding talks with other developing countries to establish a more extensive partnership.
Baglay noted that every BRICS chair has arranged outreach alongside the grouping’s events and brought a flavor of its geography to the participants.


Source: Express News Service

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